A Rough Start

This has not been the best of starts to a blog. However, I will now endeavor to keep steam pressure up and notch my Johnson Bar down.

It is only natural for you to wonder what my blog will be about. The answer is a non-homogeneous account of my experiences, projects, and revelations in model railroading.

My current layout project is to be set in a grimy industrial city, and will consist of the fictional narrow gauge railway owned (all right, all right, with 86.52379% stock control) by the Thornton Insulation Co., a former manufacturer of asbestos-related and derivative products. The layout will be built in the very popular HO scale, with N gauge track representing a 2.5′ track gauge.  To the same outline, a longer-term project is to model the Kennebec Central Railroad of Maine in its near-entirety.

This line was in fact built to 2′ gauge, but it is common practice among modelers of HO scale 2′ gauge lines to ‘cheat’ a little and use what is actually 2.5′ gauge in order to take advantage of N scale parts for a good deal of the work. That being said, it is more difficult than modelling a mainstream gauge, like standard (4′ 8.5″) or 3-foot gauge, but I suppose that is all part of the challenge.

Oh well, I suppose I must be going now. “All ‘Board!