The Funnniest Thomas the Tank Engine Episode Scene Ever, & Other Modeling Musings

Right at 3:53. Ah, Thomas the Tank Engine. I loved that show as a little kid. I still maintain a somewhat more passing interest in it, though now mostly fueled by nostalgia and appreciation for the model-work in the classic series (once Britt Allcroft started departing from the Rev. W. Awrdy’s original stories, the series began to go downhill, and yes, unlike within the show, people were hurt by this).

Anyway, I have finally acquired an engine suitable for conversion to HOn30 from N gauge, bought at a model train show for $10.00. I also found a good website with pictures, information, and repair tips of said engine, under the address of The modifications will involve rebuilding of the cab to an open type, re-detailing the boiler with HO scale fittings, and modifying the cylinders to (somewhat more) accurately represent the slide-valve type commonly used on engines of this size and period build, as seen on this (standard gauge) switcher.

I have also started work on a portable layout to run the little fella on when it’s finished, which is built in a wood box and is only 3 11/16″ x 9 3/8″ in width and length. I do not as yet possess any HOn30 or N gauge track, but I have begun work on the scenery. The finished layout will look something like this (ignore the labeling).