Adding Another Set of Wheels

My plan regarding the somewhat infamous 0-6-0 has changed yet again. Conversion will now be to a reasonable facsimile of this locomotive as later rebuilt, as I conveniently have the blueprints for the locomotive as-built available (I have photographs of both versions).

I say reasonable facsimile because though I will try to be as faithful to the prototype as possible, some dimensions will undoubtedly have to be compromised in using the modified chassis, which I have already started work on.

Thank God for Shapeways! For where else could I find those necessary but elusive parts, at an affordable price, for my locomotive (the cab is here and the truck is here).


The ongoing Tribulations of a Mehanotehnika 0-6-0 Owner

It seems that the conversion to HOn30 of the N scale locomotive described earlier is taking somewhat longer than originally anticipated, chiefly due to the off-again on-again nature of construction and lack of certain parts at present.

On a somewhat different tangent, I also have a notion to model Vladivostok, circa 1900 in HO scale. The one real problem: finding the rolling stock, or rather the locomotives and passenger cars, because the freight car fleet was at the time composed in entirety of European style four-wheelers like these and these, which are relatively easy to find, even in America. There is one locomotive available off Shapeways for $57, which is even then a static model, with non-operating chassis (you must source your own, I would modify the running gear off of this for the purpose). In addition, it would seem that there are several other locomotives and running gear assemblies that could be modified for the purpose of creating some more period engines.

It is somewhat irritating to me that the U.S.S.R. never really developed an export model train industry, apparently just to make my life difficult! All other period Russian train models are exorbitantly priced, no doubt in part due to the shipping!