A Thirty-Inch Gauge Diesel

I have been building away all through this weekend, with the net result of having finished the cylinder block and driving wheels (it will in fact be an 0-4-0, somewhat like this, but in black and sans the trailing truck).

Now that I am rolling along nicely on the the unpowered steamer, I’m contemplating a powered locomotive model: a little diesel or gasoline powered, mechanically driven critter-type switcher. Concerning the definition of a critter, despite there being no exact definition, it being a “you know it when you see it” sort of affair, it is generally & somewhat vaguely defined in actual usage as any smaller switching locomotive, not having trucks, instead having the wheels fixed to the frame, & usually powered by internal combustion and/or operating in industrial or shortline service. Here is an extensive but still incomplete definition, and here is a picture, this particular one being an EMD Model 40.

But I digress. As for the model, which may still turn out to be standard gauge, I having a nice little power unit, I have chosen a Jordan Products Mack (of the manufacturer of trucks) 15 ton locomotive (15 tons is light in railroad circles). Here is a picture & database entry from website of the reputable distributor & manufacturer of model railroad products Walthers.

A pretty nice unpowered little engine for under $15.00 U.S., huh? As for the powering in HOn30 , I plan on using whatever nicer N gauge chassis comes to hand next time I visit the train show. (Someone’s already powered it in HOn3o, but I don’t have access to his particular chassis. Link here.)


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