Paper Railroads?

Work has progressed on the 0-4-0t to the point of fabrication of the saddle tank,sand dome, and water fill hatch. This engine will undoubtably turn out to be either an abandoned junker or shed jewelery, as being my first scratchbuilt engine it contains a number of flaws. Such is the process of experience.

Concerning the “paper railroad” of a layout, I expect it will be a quarry layout, with narrow and standard gauge, based on the concept of granite or limestone extraction in the 1910s-1970s. Its fictional prototype was formed in 1904 under the name of the Central Texas Quarry & Transportation Co., and quarry operations started in 1906 with a secondhand 2 foot gauge engine (the model I am building in real life). Finding this locomotive to be a piece of excrement, it was abandoned within a month on the property, to be replaced with a Porter 4-c-R class 0-6-4t, which proved infinitely more satisfactory. This engine soldiered on, supplanted by other H.K. Porter products, until 1954, where taking place in the CTQ&T semicentinnial it was duly preserved under cover in a prefabricated metal building in Llano, which along with the locomotive was donated to the city. After 1959, no steam locomotives excepting the first, narrow or standard gauge, were on the property, for dieselization had taken place, the narrow gauge with Plymouths, the standard gauge with a GE 44 ton switcher. In this state both railroads continued, until the narrow gauge was supplanted with trucks, and the standard gauge until the quarry was abandoned in the Seventies.

That first engine is still there…

In digression, on the Internet Archive I have discovered a great treasure: A 1908 H.K PORTER LOCOMOTIVE CATALOG!!



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