Train Show in Three Months!

At last, the New Braunfels 28th Annual Train Show Jamboree is within my grasp!

I just have to hold out until April 9, and then I can go on a shopping spree of truly ludicrous proportions through over 300 tables of MODEL RAILROAD GLORY!

Now, as you probably do not know, I have a fascination in British railways, that is, in their steam equipment. British Railways operated steam locomotives up until 1968, and had a charm all their own that was quite different from that of railroads in the U.S..

However, for all us HO scale nuts over here, there is a problem in that, due to various factors and miniaturization problems, in a turn of events stupidly arbitrary and frustarating, America’s dominant scale ended up as 3.5mm to the foot while Britain’s turned out to be 4mm for the same measurement. The reason that Customary and Metric produced this mathematical atrocity in Unholy Union is that a great deal of model railroad equipment was made in Germany, including what I will classify henceforth as “PredusoHO”.

In an additional laziness the track gauge continued to stay the same at 16.5mm, at least allowing the now diverged schools of equipment design to run upon the same track.

90 years later, the only British equipment built to actual HO consists of a few craftsman kits and assorted Italian junk.

This would therefore require me, in the interest of scale fidelity, to begin another  scratchbuilding project using very few commercial parts, somewhat mitigated in difficulty due to the British preference for clean-lined locomotives.

Of course, this requires me to care enough to put forth the time and effort. British locomotives being smaller, I wanting nothing to large, mitigating the .5mm add up, and the fact that 4mm scale, 16.5mm gauge locomotives being widely available (even at Texas train shows), all conspire to let me just purchase a commercial OO scale product, damning the size difference.