A Light Locomotive in HO

Or more specifically, one of H.K. Porter class 2-B-SS-K. Yes, it’s that time of year and I am on that tangent–and for those who are not familiar with my tendencies of writing subject choice on this website,  I mean Locomotive Scratchbuilding (and at last that infernal spellcheck has realized that it is NOT acceptable to separate the word components “scratch” and “building”.

Concerning my previous tirades regarding propulsion mechanisms and chassis, I now have confidence that if equipped with ample and correct tools and some commercial parts, I could indeed scratchbuild one, as in fact I did on the unfinished locomotive, which I will be referring to as the Noodle Incident locomotive from now on (for those of you ignorant, that is a reference of Calvin and Hobbes). But I digress.

Yes, I have gained in wisdom and have come now to the conclusion that, while not absolutely necessary if you are an expert machinist, for the majority of scenrios regarding myself, commercial or 3D printed parts are requisite for Locomotive Building. In fact, I have even contrived to find a brace of options for the acquisition of some attractive HOn30 3D printed locomotive shells from Shapeways for my birthday. While these are both in actuality Australian prototypes, the former is of British origin and very orthodox as to British practice, while the latter looks quite American. These do not pretend to be anything other than incomplete kits, which require power chassis and handrails to be furnished, along with, of course, paint. Not really being a British-outline modeler, I am of course gravitating towards the latter. No, I am not digressing, for that latter locomotive could in fact possibly pass off as a Porter class 2-B-2-S.


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