The Last One

This is it. The final blog post of the year. As such, I would like to come full circle with another layout proposal.

The Wilco Grain Company consists of a large grain elevator, served by railroad, and possessing its own Diesel switcher. Out of commercially available U.S. Outline products, this could be either a Bachmann G.E. 44 Tonner, a Grandt Line boxcab, a Grandt Line G.E. 25 Tonner, or a Jordan Highway Miniatures Mack 15 ton switcher that has been motorized, only the first one not being in kit form. One could also scratchbuild the little critter or use (if it can be obtained) a German Federal Railways Kof II or one of the numerous British side-rod-driven “shunters”.

Nonpowered rolling stock should consist exclusively of covered hoppers, with perhaps a tank car being spotted every so often in the interest of fueling the locomotive (more likely really two or more that are rotated out at the modeler’s whim, as no model railroader is ever content with just one engine), depending on the era.

A suitible grain elevator could either be scratchbuilt or procured from a Walthers kit, the latter of which would be probably modified to fit on the (congruent to two foot wide) narrow shelf onto which the layout will be built.

In addition, I have obtained this locomotive kit of Japanese National Railways’ class D51, which despite the discrepancy in pictures is in fact the same kit, which is even motorized (despite not containing its motor) off of a AA battery in the boiler, apparently nessiciating a reduction of the number of driving wheels by half, a minor annoyance. I will of course undertake modifications to operate it off of track power and probably add some additional piping from styrene rod in the interest of greater detail and realism.


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